From Kyle A.:

Wow, exactly the kick I needed. Coming off cancer, and a host of complications, I’m battling back to a semblance of a life. Remembering the days of CBGBs is the first bit of something that gets me out of a very deep dark place called despair.
Thanks Hilly.

From Michael R.:

Just wanted to let you know that Terry was my 1st cousin and although his younger, got to spend a lot of time with him growing up. He used to tell me about the time when he lived with Iggy Pop and how crazy it was.

Years before he passed away, he told me about this band Television and how he was there manager. The reason why I am giving you this info, is because just by accident, a friend of mine and I were channel surfing and came across this station called Starz and the next movie was called CBGB.

When the movie started the brought up Iggy and I mentioned too him, oh yeah my cousins lived with that guy and then they mentioned the band Television and pronounced him as Terry Ork and not Terry Collins as I knew him.

To make a very long story very short, we loved the movie and could not focus on anything else until it was over. His mother was my dads sister and since I have moved to Hawaii 21 years ago,have never heard about him since until now. Thank you…

From Luther G.:

R.I.P Hilly!!!

From Misfits Biography:

[…] aware of the club owner Hilly Kristal mantra of, “If you have an original band, you can play at CBGBs,” used the opportunity to get […]

From Mark:

Thank you For listening to what those kids had to say. Some of the greatest music AND BANDS came from CBGB OMFUG. Hilly’s managing the biggest club with the greatest bands.


From Butch:

Fiddler on the Roof

From Maurice:

One of my first shows as a kid was @ cbgb . i will miss it very much.

From Rob:

As a budding A&R person @ Manhattan/Blue Note Records (EMI) in the summer of 1986, CBGB was the very first club I was assigned to scout. Not knowing any better, I walked through China Town up Bowery to the gig and back down to home in the wee hours.

Underage and having no clue about NYC culture at the time, I loved the raw dirty energy that was CBGB. Over the next 9 years, I saw more shows than I can count. But I can recall several famous firsts at CBGB. I can still feel the squishy floor under my feet.

I’ll always remember Hilly’s super dry personality as he sat at the entrance and waved me in. His consistent passion and dedication to music inspires all of us who have spent our lives in the crazy business of music. Long Live the memory of CBGB and Hilly.

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